Saturday, January 31, 2009

ouch it hurts!!!

So I have been having some severe pain in my left hip joint(basically my butt) and the kinesiologist said it's not my IT band or any muscle, its my joint up there in my butt. Anyway I took three days off (even though it killed me to do it) and went ahead and ran today even though the doc said "maybe" today but should wait until sunday. Now when you tell me "maybe" you might as well as tell me "ok". So of course I went and ran 8 today..which is about what I was supposed to.(it was a taper week for me). It hurt a little for about the first 2 or so and then warmed up and was just a little nagging the rest of the way...However, it was slow going to say the least. I am just glad I kept it under 10 min./mile. After I got done however was a different story. Very sore butt!!!!!!Blech.!!!!UGGGGHHHH!!!OUCHHHH!!!! I have been sitting on ice for awhile tonight to make it feel better. Also some pain medication.....Anyway, we will see I have 2 days off again until next weeks training soooo....tues. 4 wed 7 thurs 4 and then 14 on saturday...I am praying that I hold up. At least the weather is awesome right now.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ok so I got a ton accomplished at work today and it felt great. I'm having a hard time adjusting to working at home, but I'm getting there.

Anyway, I ran 4 on the mill today and it sucked as usual. I am having some major lower back or hamstring pain and it was like I had to limp through the entire run. I've been to my kinesiologist in the recent past when I had some sever lower back issues and it worked like a dream. The only downside was I couldn't run for several days after "doctors orders" with that in mind I am icing down the glutes..ha..I love that word...and going to see if that helps before I have to go see the "kinesio" again. If I have to I will take some of my short run days off, but cannot sacrifice a long run at this stage of my Marathon training.

The crazy thing is that the pain is not making me feel like I don't want to continue on my training plan. I seem to have the motivation of a "dog licking peanut butter" if that makes sense to anyone but me. Anyway I mean very motivated. Which is good. I am still a little frightened of my run next week of 14 miles, but I know I can make it happen.

I just hope this motivation carries over to my work. I'm in sales and could use some of the bonuses they are putting out there right now.

"Goals are not Dreams" has been a quote that has meant alot to me lately. Let me know what it means to you.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I ran twelve today...It was cold but I survived. My friend Dan ran the first 7 or so with me and then I finished the twelve alone. I felt good today and surprisingly could have ran farther I think. I have started to get sore a little and stiffen up some already. I am trying to stay stretched and hydrated. I do cross training tomorrow and then get to rest on Monday.

I've decided running with someone is way better than running alone. I can talk the whole way with someone and it helps to pass the time.

Hopefully it will get warmer soon. I'm not excited about running in the cold very often!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The brutal mill!!

So I spent all day in a meeting in KC and it was to say the least very mundane. I left at 6am., drove 3 hours, and then from 9-3:30 listen to people whine and complain. I know I'm kinda calling the kettle black here, but I am just greatful to have a job. There are so many right now that are unsure of they situation, therefore, I feel blessed. That is why it was hard to listen to everyone complain.

Anyway to running. I got home late enough that it was dark outside so I went to my local gym and ran 6 miles on the mill. Oh the humanity!! The most boring thing in my opinion known to man. Anyway, I got the required miles in and with some decent times. I won't bore you with the details, but felt ok despite being on the road half the day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ahhhh! Fresh Air....

So it seems that everytime I have a rest day it's 60 degrees, and when I have a running day it is cold. I have been running on the mill or the hamster wheel constantly. I even ran 12 miles indoors one day. Get me outta here!!!!!

Today was beautiful. About 40ish and sunny. A long sleeved shirt and shorts was perfect and I love running like that. Did just over 3 today at about 8:23 per mile. I was comforted to know that I went from: mile 1 8:38, mile 2 8:24, and mile 3 8:07. I like to see my self getting faster as I go and not start off too fast and die and finish my last few miles at like 8:50 or 9min.

Trying to maintain a motivated attitude and keep to my training plan hardcore. 7 tomorrow..bring it on.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok so you can tell by the blog I like to run and I am now officially 35. I started running only about 9 mo. ago and love it. I was 5'5" tall and weighed 198. A lovely plump happy little man! My doc said my blood pressure was thru the roof and my family has a history of heart issues, so I decided to do something about it. I actually just began lifting weights and riding my bike. I began riding up to 30 or 40 miles on saturday and working out at the gym like crazy.

I kinda stumbled upon running thru a friend of mine and got addicted immediately.(well shortly after all the throwing up, wheezing, and soreness that lasted a month or so).

I am now down to 145lbs and feeling great. I am currently training to run the OKC marathon in April and I'm totally stoked.

Hello to fair weather runner and ozrunner out there...I am blogging because of you.