Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On the Road Again

So I was reminded that I haven't posted an update lately, so here I am. I've been off running for a total of 4 weeks and man you can tell. I've been cross training in the pool (swimming a mile or so per day) and trying to keep my conditioning. However, nothing keeps up your legs if your not running outside regularly.

I ran 3 yesterday and 7 today. Man my cardio ability was not shaken, I didn't have any trouble with my breathing, but my legs didn't last long. I went really slow and still had to walk a few times on a 7 mile run!!are you kidding me!! Please someone, I want my legs back. I know I'll get them back soon.

The good news is that I didn't have any pain as far as my injury was concerned.

More updates to come.!! later!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Leg Getting Better???

Ok. so I decided to take and entire week off and it ended yesterday. The "butt" felt great walking around and thought I was ready to give the dreadmill a try since it would be less impact. So, I ran 3 on the dreadmill and it was a little sore during the run. I only ran about 8:40's or so and it wasn't bad. After I could actually make it down stairs at the Y, so that's an improvement. I continued to ice it yesterday and today it is recovering pretty well. Definitely better than my last run a week ago. This gives me some hope that I'll possibly be ready to run OKC, but I'm still scared I won't have time to be ready.

Anyway please be thinking of me and say a prayer...I have the will and determination, just not the injury free training I was hoping for.!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

pain, pain go away..come back another day!!ok never

Okay so I waited 2 more days and kept ice on my butt and iced it and all that jazz. I went to the dreadmill to run 4 today and my injury got really sore again. I ended up only running 3 miles. However, I did run an 8:30, 8:21, and 8:00 mile so it wasn't that slow. When I was done, I was ready to get a 9 and shoot myself. I wasn't winded or even tired whatsoever, just couldn't hardly walk out to the car with my injury.

I'm praying that this will work itself out if I keep giving myself several rest days between runs. I really want to be able to run my 14 on sat or sun. I could always take the rest of the week off and bump my schedule back a week and have 1 less week to taper at the end????Anyone have any thoughts on that??