Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm so injury prone...

Well, my first run after the half and I go out like a flash...feeling great and running way too fast for just get going again. I should have known better, but I felt great. I was running about 8 min miles and rounding mile 2 OUCH!!!!!! the calf acting up again.

Fair Weather Runner!! I have a knot in my calf just like the one you described..Let me know what I can do to relieve some of the pain and annoyance.

Anyway we will see if a few more days off will get me ready to get back on the road again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The week after

So the week after the OKC half marathon and I'm trying to get all my injuries healed up. The IT band, hip flexor, or whatever is starting to feel like I am getting over it. I am going to skip the RiverRun this weekend in Wichita just to be sure that I am back at 100% before I run another race.

So as embarrasing as they may be, here are my splits for the OKC half: (keep in mind that I stopped to stretch at about 11.5 with a calf cramp or injury (all I know is it hurt badly). Ok enough excuses here they are:

mile 1: 9:45
mile 2: 9:39
mile 3: 9:23
mile 4: 9:15
mile 5: 9:22
mile 6: 9:27
mile 7: 9:24
mile 8: 9:25
mile 9: 9:48
mile 10: 9:47
mile 11: 10:14 ouch!!
mile 12: 10:25
mile 13: 10:53

So as you can see, the injury in mile 11 really got to me. Oh well! I finished running not walking, that's a good thing....

some pics to come of my half in the next day or so so stay tuned.......