Saturday, June 13, 2009

My story of running and weight loss...Lacy this one's for you!

I just got done reading Lacy's blog and decided I would share as well. I didn't loose quite as much as her, but quite a bit just the same.

I was 198lbs. on my 5'5" frame and I was too large and having blood pressure issues and asthma issues (have had since birth, but became unbearable with my weight)

I began riding my parents stationary bike at lunch time and cutting my diet and fat/sugar/carb intake as much as possible. I would ride for as long as I could and quickly got up to an hour or hour/half. I faithfully did this every day and ate around 900-1500 calories.

As Lacy mentioned I probably didn't eat enough but I couldn't get myself to eat very much after I started seeing results. My diet has changed drastically since I've been running, due to my body needing more calories to keep up my energy levels.

I went from my 198 to 145lbs in about 6 months. I started in December 2007 and have maintained healthy weight since.

I started running around May 2008, so I guess I've been running a little over a year. I've done several 5k's, 10k's, and a Half Marathon in that time. I also ride my mountain bike often up to 20-30 miles at a time. I plan to do the Salty Dog Sprint Triathlon in August, the Wichita Half Marathon shortly after, and I am officially announcing that I am going to train for the Houston Chevron Marathon (full) in January 2010.

My diet at the time of my losing significant weight was as follows: (not a doctors recommendation, just what I did)


1 cup coffee

1 small bowl cereal such as Kashi puffs, Kashi grain flakes ( something 110 cal per serving)
w/ light soy. -OR- 2 hard boiled eggs.


Lean turkey sandwich. (1 serving according to pkg) 3-5 slices.
Mustard only/No cheese or mayo.
Sara Lee 45 cal per slice 9 carbs per slice bread.

1-2 Hard boiled eggs

Lots of water


100% whey protein shake with light soy. 1 scoop.


Same as lunch along with small portion of baked chips w/salsa. -OR- Small Chicken breast with lots of fresh or frozen veggies. Using spray butter to cook or pam and maybe some EVOO.


Well that's it. Not real appetizing I know but that and mega calorie burning with all the exercise I was doing worked.

I don't have any pics as of yet. I will get some before/after posted.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!
    It's funny, there are many things you listed that were staple in our home.
    Mustard became the only condiment and that Sara Lee bread was all we would ever buy.
    But fruit and veggies are always on the menu here too. We load up on them like crazy!

    Congrats Adam!